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Privacy Pledge

At CarePartners, we are dedicated to protecting patient privacy.


We adhere to all applicable legislation, including the Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act. To keep patient information safe, our practices are guided by the principles of our Privacy Pledge:


  • We pledge to keep the information patients/service partners share with us safe and secure at all times.

  • We collect and use patient information only for purposes that have been consented to – to assist us in providing appropriate, safe, high quality care.

  • We minimize access to patient information within our organization by only granting access to those employees involved in the administration and delivery of the patient’s care.

  • We follow our policies and procedures and all applicable legislative requirements to ensure that patient information is kept current, accurate and secure.

  • We educate our staff in strong privacy management practices, and have each employee sign a Pledge of Confidentiality to demonstrate their commitment to keeping patient information safe.

  • We hold our staff accountable for their behaviour. If a privacy breach does occur, it will always be managed promptly and patients will be notified if their information is ever at risk.

  • We respect patient consent directives. No information will be disclosed to a third party unless the patient provides prior consent, OR in extenuating circumstances in which disclosure is a legal requirement.

  • If we contract another organization or Health Care Provider to provide care to our patients, we will hold them accountable to our standards of information protection.

We have a dedicated privacy representative who is available to respond to concerns or answer questions about how CarePartners protects patient information. The privacy representative can be contacted at:


Phone: 1-866-885-7040 ext. 2257