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In 2009, CarePartners began organizing medical trips through its sister agency, Community Nursing Services (CNS), to countries where there are less medical services available. Past trips have included Peru, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Philippines, and Guyana.


In these countries, CarePartners staff – accompanied by doctors, dentists and translators, have worked with local Rotary clubs to set up clinics and provide medical care for local families including medications, fluoride treatments, eye glasses, dental extractions, and health counseling. Our staff who participate in the trips have found them to be a great opportunity to give back to those who have much less access to health care than we do and at the same time, make use of skills that our staff have developed as community health care providers. Many CarePartners employees have found participating in the trips to be a life-changing experience.


Illustration of trips taken between 2009 and 2023


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Group of people attending a community nursing event


 Nursing supplies sitting on a table


Group of people witing in line to see a comunity nurse


Group of smiling kids outside a community nursing event


 Welcome sign for community nursing location


Patient and nurse posing for a picture under a canadian flag at a community nursing event


Group of people attending community nursing event


Nurse sitting at a nursing station with a patient


Kids playing connect 4 game with nurse outside


People waiting outside the community nursing clinic


Group of smiling kids at community nursing clinic


Patients registering for community nursing clinic


Patients filling out forms with nurse at nursing clinic


People sitting at a table waiting outside the community nursing clinic


Two nurses talking to two patients


Nurse checking the teeth of a young patient


Group of people standing a textiles booth at a market