About Us

With the creation of CarePartners, a new dimension in home care is now available to Ontarians.

Our comprehensive network of services are available to clients in urban, rural and remote communities across Ontario. Our dedicated team of nurses, therapists and community support workers deliver a broad range of expert and cost-effective services ranging from chronic illness management, nutrition, physiotherapy, to personal grooming and support, all aimed at helping to ensure clients enjoy the freedom and independence that comes with staying in their own homes.

Why Choose CarePartners?
  • Compassionate Care
    Professionally trained, conscientious and skilled, our nurses, therapists and community support workers are selected for their expertise and enthusiasm for the job.
  • Availability 24/7
    We can provide any level of care required, from 24 hours/ day to once a month
  • Expertise
    Our team of professionals offer an array of services designed to care for you or your loved one.